It’s dialog time!

Oct 31st, 2013 | By | Category: Editorial

The first regular edition of Dialogical Humanities brings together contributions which are closely linked to our central aim: the establishment of dialogical humanities and social sciences, which take as their starting point the semantic and emblematic interaction between spaces, times and groups, rather than the characteristics of objects. One side of this interaction is always formed by the position from which is being viewed – so that we are always simultaneously involved (this is, in any case, inevitable) and at the same time have the distance of an observer. Such distance is possible despite all claims to the contrary. Indeed, it becomes possible when the other side in the dialogue is not merely observed but rather when its authentic and legitimate position is also heard and understood. This is valid for spatial, temporal, axiological and ethnic, etc., Others. I want to encourage you to engage with this type of reflection and to develop or refine methods which are suitable for such reflection. Our aims are further developed under the rubric ‘Our objectives’. In addition, we would like to emphasise that classic hermeneutics does not fulfil the demand for dialogical understanding. Instead, it too is focused on recognising objects and not on understanding dialogically. We do admittedly make use of Dilthey’s aim for a science of understanding. However, we want to use methods which conform to modern criteria for an academic approach. We are convinced that this is possible and that a broad field of humanities research lies before us. Add your own voice to it!

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