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Content requirements

Although the blog DIALOGICAL HUMANITIES is based on Mikhail Bakhtin’s ideas, it is not intended to serve as a forum for the exegesis of his works. Our goal is to change the attitude of the humanities to their objects. Therefore, if you:

–  understand semantic relationships between cultural phenomena as a possibility for a dialogue both between them and with you yourself, as you are putting up a relationship with them, and study such relationships accordingly;

–  want to show how a work of art defies clear messages of its author or its characters by transporting all thematic elements into the language of form and thus creating an unresolvable semantic tension;

–  want to theoretically ground or explore the phenomenon of relationship or to put your theses regarding the relationshipness of cultural phenomena up for discussion;

–  want to explore sociological issues not by means of univocal attributions or quantitative analysis, but on the base of the phenomenon of social relationship;

–  consider the historical event to be founded neither as a link in a causal chain nor as a product of the narrative activity of a historian, but in its semantic relationship to earlier and later epochs;

–  are not satisfied by disclosing the balance of power and suppression strategies while examining the phenomenon of gender relations, but also want to show how gender identity opens up dimensions for interpersonal dialogue;

–  are arguing phenomenologically on philosophical issues, i.e. beyond the antinomy of subject and object;

–  want to elaborate methodical foundations for the dialogical forms of education and pedagogy or to contribute to the implementation of the dialogical method in teaching and educational practice;

–  want to show how intercultural dialogue works, and what was and is the significance of the phenomenon of interpersonal encounter for past and contemporary multicultural societies;

–  want to identify the role of interpersonal relationship and the relationship with the cultural past in the child development and identity formation of adolescents,

then your article will be highly welcome!

Formal requirements

Your article must conform to the standards of good scientific practice, especially with regard to the labelling of sources and the logical and understandable argumentative structure. This does not exclude more essayistic contributions. We appreciate the originality of your own ideas if you can make them plausible. Remember that your articles will be commented online. Articles can be submitted in Russian, German and English, in Chinese please only with accompanying English, German or Russian version.

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